Sunday, April 9, 2017

Seven on Sunday ~ Week 14

A BUSY, but fun-filled week! We'll be on Spring Break this week, so probably no Seven on Sunday next week. I'll post Spring Break pics the week after! Happy Sunday!!

Day 1: Sunday ~ Spending his birthday money on an Elite Nerf gun! Ugh--now I those blue darts are ALL OVER my house...and the golf course! HA!

I decided to take advantage of a beautiful morning and go for a run--that backfired and I was sore all week! Ha! #toooldforthis

We also figured out the the California Maritime Academy has an all you can eat brunch in their student cafeteria...and anyone can eat there! We headed there after church and the kids were in all you can eat heaven!

Day 2: Monday ~ fine tuning his Nerf skills with his partner in crime!

Day 3: Tuesday ~ Spring Pictures! Will was mortified they "combed" his hair after he had gel'ed it in the morning. "THEY MADE IT LOOK POOFY!!!" #boyhairissues Needless to say, we aren't buying these!

Or these.....everyone in our house hates Spring Pictures!  But I had to take a picture so I can always remember Brooke's phase of wearing a nude colored "headband" everyday!

Day 4: Wednesday ~ Any day is a good day for ice cream!!!

Day 5: Thursday ~ Just taking a drive waiting for her brother to finish baseball practice.

 Then she helped me make dinner :)

Day 6: Friday ~ Last basketball game of the season. A losing season but I'm sure one Scott and Brooke will always remember. So glad they were able to Daddy-Daughter bond this season!

Day 7: Saturday ~  Father Daughter Dance! Which means -- girls dance the night away with their friends and the dads eat and fend for themselves! Sarah ate her bodyweight in candy and fell asleep 5 minutes after walking in the door!

My crazy girls. They give me headaches but I love them so much it hurts!

Meanwhile....I had a hot date myself!!!

Does it get much better than In and Out and Boss Baby with your bestest son??!! PS--SUPER cute movie. I liked it WAY more than I expected!

4 more days and it's off to Spring Break!!! Have a great week!! XOXO

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Seven on Sunday Weeks 12 & 13

So many pics to catch up on! We had our nephew from Chicago out last weekend which was such a blast but not condusive to getting a blog post up! LOL! Here are so pics from the last two weeks--it's been crazy as usual and the next month or so will be even crazier...but it the best possible way! Lots of memories to be made coming up!!

This was on my camera roll....don;t even know the context but something having to do with doughnuts! (PS--my son insists on wearing socks with's the weirdest thing)

 Will's class got a visit from the Leprechaun for St Patty's day! I love these kids so much! He has such a great class!

{{Background: Will hasn't taken a bath in over a year..he takes showers only}}So I tell Will and Sarah go upstairs and bathe (meaning she takes a bath and he showers.) I go upstairs a few minutes later to find them having blast together in the tub! It was HILARIOUS!!!

Buddy's cute class leading the school in Stations of the Cross.

We got to babysit our nephew Ben for a day!! We all had a BLAST with him! He's like our little toy!!!

 Trip to the mall!!!

So far he's unimpressed by the mall!

He loved the little "rides!"

His first Wetzel Pretzel!

 No trip to the mall is complete without a stop at Victoria's  Secret!

And finally, a trip to the salon for Buddy's haircut..I think he wanted to get his nails done but he ran out of time!

He LOVES LOVES his Uncle Scott so much! He literally lights up every time he sees him!

 Little Stinker playing outside :)

Later it was wine and Beanboozled with my SIL's family. FYI-the barf flavor will literally make you BARF. If you haven't played this game at a party I highly recco it for all ages!! LOL!

After Benji and my sister in laws left it was back to business and usual! School and whatnot. These two crack me up. Sarah wants to be just like her brother. They are besties in the oddest way because I can't think of two kids who are more different.

Last week, Brooke and I went to Into the Woods in San Francisco! We have had tickets for a month and at the last minute, they scheduled a basketball game on the same day! Luckily, she played her game and we zoomed to the City and made it with time to spare!! 

After the game! On our way to SF!

Trying to take selfies in the lobby!

When you realize you better fix your posture if you have ANY chance of being taller than your daughter! (note the basketball high tops still on!)

It was a great show!!!! So much fun to see the play--Brooke has been signing the songs for months now! Can't wait to see her school's performance of it next month!

Whew! That's it!!! Have a great week!! XOXO

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Seven on Sunday ~ Week 11

Day 1: Sunday ~ Gorgeous day so why not fake glasses and a fake cell phone?? :)

Day 2: Monday ~ Lots of sports this week! Brooke had team pictures followed by their best game of the season so far. They TIED, though--we learned that there is no overtime in 6th grade. #superlame

Day 3: Tuesday ~ First game for Will! They crushed the other team 15 to something...(maybe 0, I wasn't keeping track!). Looks like it's going to be a good season!

Day 4: Wednesday ~ Just in time for St Patty's Day, I whipped up this yummy GREEN shake! Even the kids liked it!! Get the recipe on my main blog HERE.

Day 5: Thursday ~ I am absolutely in LOVE with Trader Joe's dressings (the ones you find in the cold/produce section). My #1 in the Spicy Thai Peanut Dressing but this one is a great #2! It makes a great dip and is super low cal and low in fat and free of any nasty chemicals. And it still tastes GREAT!!

Day 6: Friday ~ Had such a great time in Seattle collaborating with my fellow health and fitness coaches! Such a great group of inspiring women!!

Day 7: Saturday ~ More fun with the girls!! Suncadia outside of Seattle is SO BEAUTIFUL!! Cold, but beautiful!! So blessed to be able to spend the weekend here!!

Cheers to a great week! XOXO

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Seven on Sunday ~ Week 10

Day 1: Sunday ~ They got killed for their first two games but still love watching my #99 play! Hopefully, the coaches lit a fire under them and they'll have better luck today!

Day 2: Monday ~ Happy 8th birthday to my one and only son!!!! He's quirky (i.e. shorts and socks!) but we love him!!

Day 3: Tuesday ~ It was off to the SF Symphony and a few churches in SF for a fun filled field trip for Buddy and his friends! He had to be at school at 7:15 much to the dismay of everyone!!! EARLY!!!

Day 4: Wednesday ~ This is the second random cross shadow we have found around the house. The other one was on the backyard lawn! #lent #signofthecross

Day 5: Thursday ~ The kind of stuff I find on my phone when I clear out my pictures every week!

Day 6: Friday ~ We had so much fun watching Brooke as Anita in 101 Dalmatians! Beauty and the Beast and Into the Woods are next up in May! Then in April she's auditioning for summer theater camp--super excited and nervous for her!!!

Day 7: Saturday ~ Grandma and Grandpa came up for Brooke's play so the next day we headed up to Napa for picnic to enjoy the beautiful spring weather!!

 After the picnic, Scott decided to take advantage of the nice weather and get outside with a chainsaw!! #lordhelpus

Have a great week!! XOXO