Sunday, March 19, 2017

Seven on Sunday ~ Week 11

Day 1: Sunday ~ Gorgeous day so why not fake glasses and a fake cell phone?? :)

Day 2: Monday ~ Lots of sports this week! Brooke had team pictures followed by their best game of the season so far. They TIED, though--we learned that there is no overtime in 6th grade. #superlame

Day 3: Tuesday ~ First game for Will! They crushed the other team 15 to something...(maybe 0, I wasn't keeping track!). Looks like it's going to be a good season!

Day 4: Wednesday ~ Just in time for St Patty's Day, I whipped up this yummy GREEN shake! Even the kids liked it!! Get the recipe on my main blog HERE.

Day 5: Thursday ~ I am absolutely in LOVE with Trader Joe's dressings (the ones you find in the cold/produce section). My #1 in the Spicy Thai Peanut Dressing but this one is a great #2! It makes a great dip and is super low cal and low in fat and free of any nasty chemicals. And it still tastes GREAT!!

Day 6: Friday ~ Had such a great time in Seattle collaborating with my fellow health and fitness coaches! Such a great group of inspiring women!!

Day 7: Saturday ~ More fun with the girls!! Suncadia outside of Seattle is SO BEAUTIFUL!! Cold, but beautiful!! So blessed to be able to spend the weekend here!!

Cheers to a great week! XOXO

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Seven on Sunday ~ Week 10

Day 1: Sunday ~ They got killed for their first two games but still love watching my #99 play! Hopefully, the coaches lit a fire under them and they'll have better luck today!

Day 2: Monday ~ Happy 8th birthday to my one and only son!!!! He's quirky (i.e. shorts and socks!) but we love him!!

Day 3: Tuesday ~ It was off to the SF Symphony and a few churches in SF for a fun filled field trip for Buddy and his friends! He had to be at school at 7:15 much to the dismay of everyone!!! EARLY!!!

Day 4: Wednesday ~ This is the second random cross shadow we have found around the house. The other one was on the backyard lawn! #lent #signofthecross

Day 5: Thursday ~ The kind of stuff I find on my phone when I clear out my pictures every week!

Day 6: Friday ~ We had so much fun watching Brooke as Anita in 101 Dalmatians! Beauty and the Beast and Into the Woods are next up in May! Then in April she's auditioning for summer theater camp--super excited and nervous for her!!!

Day 7: Saturday ~ Grandma and Grandpa came up for Brooke's play so the next day we headed up to Napa for picnic to enjoy the beautiful spring weather!!

 After the picnic, Scott decided to take advantage of the nice weather and get outside with a chainsaw!! #lordhelpus

Have a great week!! XOXO

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Seven on Sunday ~ Week 9

Day 1: Sunday ~ Sarah and I watched the Oscars together and were both blown away by Justin Timberlake!! LOL!


Day 2: Monday ~ Wine Club pick up day! It was a beautiful day in Sonoma--after all the rain, we'll take any sun we can get!!!

Day 3: Tuesday ~ First night in her big girl bed!! Can you believe it's been almost FIVE years and this girl has INSISTED on sleeping in a CRIB??!!!! A crib! My friend was finally giving away a little twin bed, so I thought this was the perfect time to try it out. Sarah loved it and was fine! But now she insists on keeping her crib for all of her baby dolls--ARGHHHHHH!!!!!!

Day 4: Wednesday ~ Will's Lent "promise" or thing he's working on is playing outside more (praise God!). He's been doing well and he and Sarah play outside almost every day after school!

Day 5: Thursday ~ Baseball practice and then Scott's coaching debut for the 6th Grade Girls basketball team! It was a brutal game. Let's just leave it at that :)

Day 6: Friday ~ We had the day off school so we did a lot of errands and running around. I took Brooke and her friend to see Hidden Figures--what a great movie! I really don't care for movies or GOING to the movies but when I see a good movie like this, it makes me want to go more :) Great one for the girls, too!

Day 7: Saturday ~ Will's bday sleepover with his besties. These 3 are inseparable! This is literally the ONLY pic they would let me take! Boys!! Seriously!!

Have a great week!!! XOXOOX

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Seven on Sunday ~ Week 8

Seven on Sunday is pretty sparse today...I think for Lent I need to work on taking more--and BETTER--pictures! HA!

Day 1: Sunday ~ Sometimes it really isn't my fault that I have no good pictures...look at what I have to work with! LOL!! Playing cards with these crazies on a Sunday night.

Day 2: Monday ~ The PE teacher at school sent me this picture from just last year...but Will and his friends look soooo little! They have grown up SO much this year!

Day 3: Tuesday ~ She wanted to do her own hair. So. This is it. I think she ended up putting another bow on the side too. #classy

Day 4: Wednesday ~ He forgot the "Z" on the end, but I really need this license plate!!

Day 5: Thursday ~ It was Will's first day of baseball practice and the closest I could get to a picture was Sarah wearing his hat. He's on the Blue Jays--AGAIN!

Day 6: Friday ~ One of the easiest, yummiest meals I've made in awhile. Recipe will be coming on SOON!!

Day 7: Saturday ~ His last basketball game!! For a kid who "didn't want to play" before we signed him up, he had a GREAT season and had so much fun! He had a melt down in the car afterwards--I am always shocked when he cries...he has these (kinda random) PASSIONS that he cares so much about. I guess basketball is one of them!

That's a wrap for today! Don't forget to check out my other website/blog for lots of fun recipes and information on healthy living! Have a great week! XOXO

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Seven on Sunday ~ Weeks 6 & 7

Well last week we were having so much fun entertaining my sisters in law and my new little nephew that I couldn't post!! The last two weeks have been so much fun and the past week was "The Week of Benji." After having him around for 6 days, the kids were DEVASTATED when he left! We can't wait to see that little stinker again soon!!

Here are some pics from his visit:

These two became FAST besties!! Sarah is obsessed with babies to begin with and Ben was just another one of her "dolls"...that she dresses up in pink girl bibs :)

Friends for life!

We've had this Elmo chair since Brooke was 1! We cleaned it all up for Ben so he could get his turn in the family Elmo Chair :)

Aunt Casey had to Snapchat with him!!!

 He came to support Will at his basketball game! He loved it..I think basketball might be in his future.

These two! Seriously!

In between all the loving on Ben, Will had his first Confession with Father Jerome! SO proud of this kid-he takes his faith very seriously.

Enjoying the great weather outside!

 I taught him all he needs to know about the Napa Valley! Rombauer and Peju!

Brookey loves this kid so much!

A little wine tasting with the SIL!!!

This was Sarah in the car Tuesday after spending 4 days with Benji, then having to go to school Tuesday. She wouldn't stop crying!

Wednesday morning--saying goodbye to Ben...we let Sarah stay home and spend more time with him before he left.

Quality Time!!!

Will showed Ben all of his games and videos on his iPad--he was obsessed!!! LOL!!I think we have a future gamer here!!!

 After Ben and my sister in laws left, the house seemed to empty and quiet! No little baby cries and babbles! We were all super sad to see them go. If all works out, we are hoping to surprise the kids with a visit from him in a couple of month! I hope it works out!!!

I'll just leave you with this video of Sarah after Benji left....she LOVES that kid! And so do we!!!

Have a great week! XOXO