Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Seven on Sunday ~ Week 24

This week was the week of VBC--Vacation Bible Camp! My kiddos have gone to it every year since they could but I have never have been able to help out and volunteer because I always had a baby/toddler at home!

Well, this year Brooke got to volunteer and Will and Sarah were both campers so I got to help! It was a CRAZY exhausting week but such a treat to teach the kiddos about Jesus in such a FUN way!! We had some much fun!

Fun in ROME--Will and team making aqueducts.

One day there was a petting zoo! The kids were THRILLED!

Sibling "love"-- Sarah!!!!!! GET OFF ME!!

 Halfway through the week!!! We are crazy-tired!


They had awesome camp leaders!

Last day! Woot!!!!!!

Finishing off the HOT week with backyard roses and Vietnamese "Wrap Night."

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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Seven on Sunday ~ Annual Midwest Trip!!

I know, I know..it's been awhile!!!! The end of the school year kicked my BOOTY and I swear it's taken me over a month to catch up from the cray!! The day after school let out, we headed out for our annual Midwest trip--even more cray!!

Here are some of the highlights from the trip!

At the Sacramento Airport...they are SO READY! They look forward to this trip all year long!

We made it!!!!!

The weather was just gorgeous almost the entire trip. This was our first morning at the lake (Brooke was still sleeping) :)

Cousin Benji arrived!! The 'lil bro Will never had!

The cousins reunited at last!!!!!

They didn't waste any time swimming in the lake!!

Boat ride time!!!

This trip was especially awesome because on Sunday my niece Kate was baptized! It was a beautiful little ceremony! Super proud of her !!!

Sweet girls :)

More lake time! The Rooney siblings!

And these siblings...love them!

The next day, we drove about 3 hours to Bloomington where Scott went to school. We took a tour of the basketball and football stadiums which was SO MUCH FUN! The kids were in heaven!

But the best part? Walking around the campus and seeing REALLY big dudes everywhere!!! Of course we assumed they were football or basketball players!! Ha! And how did we find out?! The girls went straight up to them and asked them!!!

Every single one of them was so nice, autographed random pieces of paper and took pics with all the kids!

More "famous people!" The guy on the left is the QB of the football team!

With Daddy walking around campus.

 A basketball player!

Wow! More famous guys!!!! :)

 Fun at the IU track!

One last famous guy!!! :)

 What's a trip to Indiana without shucking corn?! Her Indiana roots!

 Kids and their popcicles at Uncle Chris' and Auntie Khanh's.

Headed to Michigan and Amish Country with the kiddos!!

We had a great time hanging out with Grandma T and walking around Amish Country! I'd love to go back next year and see even more!

 That day also happened to be our 14th wedding anniversary and Trisha's bday so we went out for a bit to celebrate!

Cheers to 14 years!!

These two crazy cousins spent the day playing mini golf and eating snow cones and hot dogs. These two crack me up--they are like brother and sister!

Then later we all met up and went to the Tin Caps game...in a suite! How spoiled are these kids??!

Picture in the suite with Johnny Appleseed!

 More pics with Johnny...

The next day, we drove back to Chicago and had dinner at Jen's parent's home...we had so much fun and Sarah clogged their toilet and flooded the bathroom...I have no idea what they were thinking when they invited us over!!

Final hours of the trip....still laughing and having fun! But the goodbyes we SO SAD as they always are!!!!

Headed home! Until next year, Indiana!!! We had a blast!!!! XOXOXO

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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Seven on Sunday ~ Catch Up Time!!

Ok, the past 3 weeks have been action-packed---in the best way possible! Spring Break, then a visit from my nephew and sister in laws! This left very little time for posting pics on here but here is a little recap:

SPRING BREAK ~ LA/Hollywood and Santa Barbara! Such a fun time!!!

See the Hollywood sign in the background?? She's California Dreamin...

 We made it to LA!!!

 LA skyline as tourists with the selfie stick!

 Ultimate tourists in our own state...and we don't care!!!

One of the highlights of our LA/Hollywood trip was going to the wax museum....here's Buddy pouring out his heart to the Godfather...

And Brooke.."Please Godfather...tell my little siblings to stop annoying me...."

A little Sly...

 So, dude-what about that Obamacare??

 They loved seeing their name on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! HA!

Off to Santa Barbara!!! Running the track at the GORGEOUS Santa Barbara City College was the highlight of their week!!  They begged us to go back every day. Can't complain.... #palmtrees

We also visited UCSB...."Unleash the Loco" could not be more fitting....

A trip to the beach isn't complete without being BURIED!

 Some of my friends take the BEST family selfies...i am so jealous!!! We are like the ultimate morons of selfie-taking!!! Whatever #wetried

Can anyone complain about this view??  Seriously! SB is drop dead gorgeous!!

On the way back, we stopped for a quick wine tasting in Santa Barbara. AWESOME!

Finished off the trip with a stop at Cal Poly--amazing! And of course, we had to run the track!!

Soooo,...of course the kids were SO BUMMED to get home from spring break...little did they know we had a little surprise waiting for them! Their cousin Benji was coming into town and we were going to babysit him all weekend! They were THRILLED!!!

He got NO attention all weekend!

In the tub with Cousin Sarah! They are truly BFF's!

Listen, kid--i'll feed you, but I also gotta watch my show....

He made it through church like a boss and was rewarded with a donut!!

My sister in laws came home on Sunday and we had a great time hanging out!!

On Monday, Benji had to leave....

This is ALWAYS Sarah's face when he leaves...

This week is going to be straight up nuts, too!!! So stayed tuned!! Have a great week! XOXO