Sunday, April 9, 2017

Seven on Sunday ~ Week 14

A BUSY, but fun-filled week! We'll be on Spring Break this week, so probably no Seven on Sunday next week. I'll post Spring Break pics the week after! Happy Sunday!!

Day 1: Sunday ~ Spending his birthday money on an Elite Nerf gun! Ugh--now I those blue darts are ALL OVER my house...and the golf course! HA!

I decided to take advantage of a beautiful morning and go for a run--that backfired and I was sore all week! Ha! #toooldforthis

We also figured out the the California Maritime Academy has an all you can eat brunch in their student cafeteria...and anyone can eat there! We headed there after church and the kids were in all you can eat heaven!

Day 2: Monday ~ fine tuning his Nerf skills with his partner in crime!

Day 3: Tuesday ~ Spring Pictures! Will was mortified they "combed" his hair after he had gel'ed it in the morning. "THEY MADE IT LOOK POOFY!!!" #boyhairissues Needless to say, we aren't buying these!

Or these.....everyone in our house hates Spring Pictures!  But I had to take a picture so I can always remember Brooke's phase of wearing a nude colored "headband" everyday!

Day 4: Wednesday ~ Any day is a good day for ice cream!!!

Day 5: Thursday ~ Just taking a drive waiting for her brother to finish baseball practice.

 Then she helped me make dinner :)

Day 6: Friday ~ Last basketball game of the season. A losing season but I'm sure one Scott and Brooke will always remember. So glad they were able to Daddy-Daughter bond this season!

Day 7: Saturday ~  Father Daughter Dance! Which means -- girls dance the night away with their friends and the dads eat and fend for themselves! Sarah ate her bodyweight in candy and fell asleep 5 minutes after walking in the door!

My crazy girls. They give me headaches but I love them so much it hurts!

Meanwhile....I had a hot date myself!!!

Does it get much better than In and Out and Boss Baby with your bestest son??!! PS--SUPER cute movie. I liked it WAY more than I expected!

4 more days and it's off to Spring Break!!! Have a great week!! XOXO

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