Monday, July 31, 2017

Seven on Sunday Weeks 29 + 30

Behind again but I am thinking this every two weeks thing is works better for me :) Here are the camping pictures--we had such a great time! This past week, Brooke finished her 6 week theater camp and I am SO FREAKING PROUD of her!! It's truly amazing how much she grew this summer through this program! I can't say enough good things about Young Rep! She's already planning her classes for next summer!

**Oh, and if there is any question while looking at these pics--YES, BROOKE IS TALLER THAN ME, OK??!! :)

Here are some highlights from camping--it was the best trip!!!

 By the Bixby Bridge:

There was one beach with all of these "forts" someone had built--they had a blast for hours playing in them!

Waiting for the overcast to go away!! Surprisingly, it wasn't that cold at all!

Gotta earn your keep around the campsite!

Sarah found her passion washing dishes!

On top of the world!

Just floatin' down the lazy river...

Woo hoooooo!!!!!! (right before he got stuck on the rock!)

 She had a blast, too!

These two became unlikely besties!

So happy these two are friends!

Selfie at the Bridge: 

Too many years of friendship to count between all of us!!!

Besties :)

We already booked our sites for next year!!!! Counting the days!!

And in other news...

Daddy and Sarah golfing date...

They are ready for soccer season!! Am I??!!

Little Miss Sunshine at Trader Joes :)

A visit to Little Farm and a morning nature hike..

She got her ears "peered" and didn't cry a bit--all smiles!

An almost-end to Brooke's Young Rep theater program. All that is left is a rehearsal and the "final showcase" this Thursday. What a blessing this program has been for her this summer!

Enjoy your week!!

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