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Now is the time to put your health at the top of your priority list. To help you we will combine Fitness + Nutrition + Support = SUCCESSFUL RESULTS! That is what my Challenge Groups offer!

This was me in August of 2015. Mom of 3 kiddos and was working myself in circles trying to get the dreaded “baby weight off.” I would go to the gym, wander around aimlessly….jump on the elliptical for about 30 minutes and go home. Once in awhile I did a fitness class. I had no control over my diet and ate what I wanted. I felt tired, sluggish and JUST BLAH!!

I knew I had to make a change. What did I do?

* I changed my mindset from "I have to no time to live a healthy lifestyle" to "I will MAKE time to live a healthy lifestyle." No excuses.

* I changed my diet from eating whatever I wanted to simply controlling my portions and focusing on eating more fresh fruits, veggies and lean protein.

* I took 30 minutes a day to exercise and put ME first.

* I surrounded myself with a group of people who believed in me.

After a few months, I lost nearly 15lbs and 10 inches in places I NEVER thought would go away after having 3 kids.  I got back my energy and my confidence. My only regret? That I didn't do it sooner!!
Now it’s my turn to pay it forward and help YOU achieve results and reach your health and fitness goals!!!


What is a Challenge Group?
A Challenge Group is the private group of fitness group challengers is MAGIC – -there is nothing like the accountability factor of showing up to others  — we  will have a daily check in along with tips on fitness, nutrition and motivation each day. AND! the group members WILL be cheering you on the entire time! A challenge group focuses on YOUR individual goals, but you are in this together with other women pushing for their goals as well! We become a team!

Who can join a Challenge Group?
Anyone! Whether you are wanting to lose 5 pounds or 50 pounds or even 100; empower your life, take control or simple things that will change just about everything, gain confidence, tone up, gain muscle mass, or improve your flexibility, energy levels and focus we can customize a program to meet your needs.

What will I be eating during the Challenge?

#1 You will NEVER be starving. We will be eating 4-6 times per day! The myth has always been to EAT LESS to lose weight. When really, it’s eat MORE of the RIGHT foods!
#2 You are going to be drinking a TON of water – -this will flush, detox your system, help to digest foods better and has tons of other positive benefits. You will learn more about hydration in the Challenge Group.
#3 Your Beachbody fitness program comes with a killer nutrition meal plan and recipe book – -simple meals to make that are also family friendly and all surrounded about clean eating. You will have several options of TYPES of meal plans from your fitness program booklet to the online custom meal planner; vegan, gluten free, grain free, paleo, etc…. We truly have something for everyone.
I will share with you my personal meal plans and how I eat so you have a benchmark to start from if needed.
#4 Shakeology — Your super foods nutrition meal of the day! Nutrition and nutrients  = ENERGY! I have been doing shakes for 12 years — trust me they are NOT all the same. Shakeology is just hands down the best I have ever had and I started using it as a customer before I became a coach. Everyone in my family from my husband, my father, my children  – they all use it.  Its tasty, simple, fast, SUPER HEALTHY and there are many flavors to choose from.
What are the workouts like?
That depend on what YOU like! Do you like a good sweat from Cardio? Is yoga your jam? Weights? We will work together to determine the right program for your needs and goals. Most of the workouts are 30-40 minutes and done with minimal equipment from your own home.
My go-to program for those getting started on their fitness journey is the 21 Day Fix. It combines 30 minute workouts and a simple clean eating, portion controlled nutrition plan. Read my 21 Day Fix Q&A HERE.
Check out this great overview on the 21 Day Fix program by the creator of the program, Autumn Calabrese:

How do I get started?
Send me an email at: Subject line: Fitness Challenge Group. Let me know your goals and what you would like to accomplish. Also, ask me any questions you have!! I will reply back within 2-3 business days and get you the info you need! I can’t wait to hear about YOU!

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