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April 7, 2020
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Simple Exercises For Family Fun

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Daily exercise is an important part of a healthy regime to stay physically fit. Many people consider exercise boring, too hard or not fun, but it doesn't need to be. There are many forms of exercise that can be fun. Right now you could be exercising without thinking of it as exercise. To help your family get fit, maintain healthy weight and enjoy themselves, follow these easy exercise tips that can benefit the entire family.

Determine Family Interests

It is much easier to stick to an exercise routine when the exercise is actually something you enjoy. Exercising together as a family may be challenging if everyone likes a different type of physical activity. Sitting down with your family and getting their input is the best way to determine your family's interests. Using each person's suggestions see if you can create a weekly exercise plan that takes into consideration each family member's favorite activities. Having input and seeing that their favorite activity is listed may make family members more willing to participate in an activity that someone else suggests. You may even end up with an exercise schedule that everyone is happy with and able to accomplish together. Don't let busy schedules get in the way of exercise. Let each family member have a copy of the exercise schedule so they can continue even if someone is missing. A great way to display your exercise schedule is in a picture frame where it can become a fun exercise reminder and a unique part of your decor.

Fun Activities Can Also Be Exercise

Not all exercise is structured gym time, especially if you have children. Basketball, baseball and soccer are all forms of exercise that your children may enjoy playing. If they do, join them in your yard of the nearest park for a family game. Riding a bike or taking a walk to the park are forms of exercise, as are roller skating, sledding or just running and climbing around in the yard. Your children will be exercising without knowing they are exercising and they will be having a great time. Taking photos of your family playing together and enjoying a healthy lifestyle and displaying them in picture frames is a great reminder of how much fun exercising as a family can be.

Track Your Progress

Sticking to an exercise routine has many benefits, and if it is an exercise activity you enjoy, chances are it will become a part of your life. You will discover that you have more energy, stamina and increased body strength that will greatly help in your day to day living. If your family started their exercise program with a goal in mind, like weight loss or preparation for a sports event, it would be a good idea to track each person's progress. You can pick a day and have a weigh in, or if you have a walking or jogging goal, chart at what distance you start and length of time it takes and keep track of each additional distance you achieve and your time until you reach your goal. Everyone likes to see improvement, and tracking progress is a fun way to stay motivated and enthusiastic about your exercise routine. There could even be fun competition between family members to see who reaches their goal first.


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