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October 26, 2020
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Coconut Juice and Oil can Help Prevent Heart Disease

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Amongst all lifestyle diseases, heart disease is the most frightening. More than anything else it's the suddenness with which it can strike. There is no warning symptom.

Since no one can be prepared in advance, heart disease creates the maximum scare. It is considered to be America's major killer today. According to the experts, one must avoid all rich traditional foods such as butter, cream, cheese, red meat, eggs and other foods containing saturated fats which in turn causes cholesterol - all artery blocking foods. Scientifically, it is the accumulation of hardened plaque in the main arteries which clogs them causing arteriosclerosis. This plaque is supposedly the elevated level of cholesterol in the blood, which causes the pathogenic atheromas that block blood vessels. Well, all of the above is not necessarily true. Saturated fats are not all evil.

Many people see coconut oil in its hard, white form and assume that is belongs in the oils that cause the cholesterol-rich plaques in blood vessels. Those lesions in blood vessels are caused in the most part by lipid oxidation of unsaturated fats and relate to stress, because adrenaline liberates fats from storage and the lining of blood vessels is exposed to high concentrations of the blood-borne material. In the body, incidentally, the oil can't exist as a solid, since it liquefies at 76 degrees.

It is quite informative to note that in moderate amounts (as with all substances in the world), coconut water and coconut oil are truly beneficial for the heart. Lets see how by starting to enumerate the benefits of coconut water - a source of saturated fats! Coconut water or coconut juice contains a substance called lauric acid. In fact nearly 50% of coconut water is lauric acid. Lauric acid helps in preventing a number of heart problems including high cholesterol, heart burns and high blood pressure. It does not affect the LDL and the HDL levels. Reducing the incidence of injury in arteries, it actually prevents arteriosclerosis! Which is more than what can be said for vegetable oils.

The evidence has been there all along but somehow it got lost in the negative publicity of saturated fats by certain commercial groups. Take a look at the regions where people use coconut oil for cooking and coconut juice as a beverage - Asia, Africa, Central America and the Pacific Islands. The local population is fit with normal cholesterol levels and no cardiovascular disease.

The reason being is that coconut oil is converted by the body into the hormone pregnenolone. It also has anti-oxidant and immune-stimulating action. This oil is also known to promote thermogenesis and increase metabolism (probably by supporting thyroid and mitochondrial function). In spite of being rich in saturated fat, one of the benefits of coconut water is that it has a neutral effect on triglyceride and cholesterol levels. In fact because of its saturated nature, it is stable and not oxidized easily and so does not contribute to coronary heart disease.

There is nothing more naturally refreshing than fresh coconut juice. It is full of nutrients, is tasty and most importantly, it is very good for you and your heart. As with all organic foods, there is no contamination to worry about! Only one word of advice - While consuming coconut products, care should be taken to keep your total calories within the range that is appropriate for your body type and activity level.


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