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November 18, 2020
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Consider Class, Color, and Comfort for Stress-Free Gown Selection

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That little black dress will work for almost any affair, but what happens when a woman tires of the same old look? Hunting for a dress or gown for different events can be a nightmare. This can especially be the case when dealing with gowns for a wedding.

Whether you're a bride looking for right attire for your bridesmaids, or you're planning to attend a different kind of formal, the attire chosen is a very big deal. Brides, however, carry the additional onus of having to make a lot of people happy at once while also worrying about their friends' checkbooks, too! This is, of course, not to mention the bride and groom's own personal wishes for wedding day appearances.

Brides on the hunt for great bridesmaids gowns can help themselves out a lot by considering these things before picking out gowns that will make everyone unhappy:

* Remember it is your day, but others are involved, too. Don't make a final decision without getting a little feedback.

* Consider your colors. If the colors you've chosen are guaranteed to make all your friends look awful, you might want to reconsider. Good colors are those that make you happy, but also enhance their looks, or at least don't look awful on them. Your sister might acquiesce to wear her least favorite color for the big day, but your friends might not be friends much longer if you force them to wear pea green chiffon.

* Take bridesmaids' appearances under advisement. If your entire wedding party would look drop dead gorgeous in strapless, tea length gowns, good for you. If that's not the case, do consider clothing styles that are at the very least flattering. It might be your big day, but you don't want to see your friends and relatives uncomfortable and embarrassed.

* Plan for reuse. One of the best ways to make everyone happy is to choose gowns that are stylish, beautiful and offer a chance for reuse. Overly frilly, unusual colors that make bridesmaids look like the top of wedding cakes can't be worn again - usually. But, gowns that are tasteful and avoid wacky color combinations and unusual and uncomfortable materials most likely can.

Whether you're shopping for your own wedding or just looking for a formal gown for another special occasion, the key is to find clothing that will suit the event and also personal styles, too. Going to a formal dressed in something that's uncomfortable, unflattering or just down right ugly won't put a big smile on a woman's face. Dressing smart and elegant, however, will. Smart and elegant doesn't have to mean outrageously expensive either.

Shop around and take the time to consider everyone involved. If you're just shopping for you, pick out dresses or gowns that flatter your appearance and make you feel "beautiful" while wearing them. If you look good, you'll feel better, which will reflect in the entire ensemble.


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